Nutritional Counseling Services


Services Overview

Nutrition by Laine offers a variety of packages and services. Nutritional counseling begins with an initial consultation which are then followed by “follow up” sessions to help keep you accountable and to answer your questions.

Initial Consultation – 60 minutes During the initial session you and I will spend about half the time getting to know you and your nutritional concerns. Questions about your diet, medical and weight history, stress level, sleep patterns, daily work/school schedule, among other things will be asked. Once we determined your goals whether it be weight loss, increasing in lean muscle mass, preparing for a race or big event together we will make a plan and set goals to improve your nutritional concerns.

Follow-up sessions – 30 minutes Follow- up sessions are used as a way to “check in” and troubleshoot any obstacles that may be keeping you from reaching your goals. Your follow up session will also include:

* Review your current meal plan
* Adjust the meal plan, if needed
* Answer your questions
* Discuss steps toward achieving your goals
* Review challenge areas and set alternate goals
* Praise your successes and guide you to help strengthen your weak areas
* Help you plan for relapses and other challenges

The above session are included in all of my packages. Interested in a nutrition package? Learn More.

Nutrition by Laine also offers the following services:

Personalized Grocery “Smart” Tours Individual and group grocery stores tours available at your local supermarket. You pick the supermarket and I’ll meet you there. With Grocery Shopping “Smart” Tours you will learn how to get in and out of the grocery store fast, buying only exactly what you need to keep you on the right track, saving you valuable time and money! Learn More.

Nutrition Seminars I will empower your group and provide a 60-minute nutrition seminar that supports your group and increases their nutrition knowledge and awareness. I often give presentations to corporations, small businesses, schools, churches, sports teams, and gym and fitness groups. Learn More.

Fridge & Pantry Clean Up You will be surprised that a clean organized fridge is the start to a successful nutritional transformation. I will revamp your fridge and/or pantry to get you on your way. Learn more.

Insurance & Payments Nutrition by Laine does not accept insurance at the present time but can provide you with an official receipt of services which you can submit directly to your insurance company. Insurance companies may partially or fully cover nutrition counseling services under the term “Medical Nutrition Therapy.” Often, a letter from your doctor referring you to a Nutritionist with a stated diagnosis can help you obtain coverage. Payment is due at the time of service in either cash, personal check or credit card. We offer packages as well as a la carte services.

Cancellation Policy Time has been specifically reserved for your nutrition appointment. If you need to change or cancel your appointment, a minimum of 24 hours notice is requested to avoid paying the full session fee. Your cooperation is appreciated!

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