What My Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

I feel great!  In as little as three weeks of eating healthy, clean foods I have noticed a drastic change in how I feel. I have more energy, I sleep better at night and I have virtually no sugar cravings which is usually my downfall. The nutrition portion of the program was what I dreaded the most but it turns out it’s the easiest part for me.  Thank you Laine!

Tricia McIlree

Working with Laine over the past year has been such a wonderful and rewarding experience. Her weekly meal plans and nutrition coaching along with exercise helped me drop 25lbs. She was extremely helpful and attentive to my needs based on what my upcoming week was going to look like and came up with a meal plan that would work specifically for me. The biggest thing I learned from laine was how important eating is in the process of losing weight. Now I know what my body wants me to feed it and I want to give it the healthy foods because it makes me feel better! I was so blessed to meet laine, I count not have done it without her. Be gentle on yourself, go slow, and follow the plan to the best of your ability. It’s a big shift to what your used to doing so give yourself a little grace and try to make a better decision next time but definitely listen to Laine because she knows what she’s doing! 

Katie Gazda

Thank you Laine for helping me learn about how to feed my body properly. It’s so hard to sort through the glut of information on the internet, much of which is contradictory and based on anything but fact. Having the meal plans helped me understand what all those servings of veggies actually looks like on a daily basis. It was surprising to me how much more energy I have, how much better I feel mentally and physically. Thank you so much for your encouragement as I continue on the never-ending journey to take good care of myself.

Kristin Speyer

The nutrition plan that Laine has put me on has truly helped me to feel better and have much more energy to get through my day. The simple recipes she has provided have made it easy for me to eat better and they are delicious as well. The nutritional information regarding portions and the protein/carb/fat ratios have helped me understand how to maintain this diet on my own which is super helpful! Erin Hager

I reached my personal fitness goals with Nutrition by Laine in 5 months through Laine’s personalized boutique size bootcamp workouts 3 days a week along with her nutritional coaching and meal planning. 

At 50, I needed a restart on my personal fitness and health goals.  Laine’s passion for training women to love their body shape and train for a healthy lean and strong body, over just a skinny body, was exactly what I wanted.  In 5 months I reach my personal goals—dropping 4 pant sizes while increasing my lean body mass and upper body strength.  Her nutritional counseling focuses on whole foods, healthy and varied protein sources and recipes I can reach for again and again, not packaged products or a high soy protein diet plan either. 

Laine has just the right balance of encouraging her clients and pushing us.  I leave her workouts feeling I have been challenged but also refreshed. Training with a small boutique size group of women is fun and we build each other up while getting in a great workout.  

Laine’s small boutique size workout focuses on correct form while completing an exercise, preventing injury and maximizing the effectiveness of each workout movement—Laine’s commitment to small workout groups allows this personalized focus.  I don’t just feel like a number, but I know that Laine tailors her workouts for the small group of women she is training—this speeds up our success while enjoying a challenging a varied workout each session!

Laine is fabulous—high energy workouts, personalized training, small group size, focus on correct form, positive and encouraging tone, workouts that show results, a fun group of ladies—THIS and more keeps me coming back to Laine when there are countless training options available in Austin.