Staying fit is a challenge for many Americans on most days, but even more so when they’re on the road. Here is some food for thought when traveling. 

A recent TripAdvisor survey of 1,400 U.S. travelers found that 29% always or often gain weight during a vacation. The travelers also confessed that they are more likely to overindulge while on the road: 65% said they eat more, while 48% said they drink more alcohol.

Business travelers are just as, or even more, vulnerable, according to a Columbia University analysis of medical records of more than 13,000 employees last year. Road warriors who traveled for business two or more weeks a month had higher body mass index and rates of obesity, the survey found.  When advising my clients it’s NEVER about counting calories. My job as their nutrition coach is educating them on portion sizes, adding more color on their plates with more fruits and veggies……because come on. No one ever gets fat on fruits and veggies. You will never gain weight from eating too many bananas. Now walking into a Buc-ee’s and wanting packaged candy and snacks will surely want you to move your belt buckle looser. So before you hit the road, here are some tips that will keep your waistline down. 

  1. Many gas stations now carry hummus and pretzels. 
  2. Bananas with peanut go a long way. 
  3. Mixed nuts – unsalted if available.
  4. Prepared PB&J sandwiches, celery with PB, PB with apple. Can you tell I like PB…..if you are not a fan of PB any Nut Butter’s go a long way
  5. Hard-boiled eggs, 
  6. Prepared tortilla wrapped sandwich can be packed with nutrient dense foods. 
  7. Buc-ee’s fish taco would be the only item I may order.
Just a friendly reminder who likes to keep their audience and clients accountable. This summer, the road more traveled does not have to sabotage your waistline. Their are endless items that can be purchased while on the road. Don’t let the heat, lack of staying hydrated, emotions and behavior get the best of you. Plan a head or better yet contact for a meal plan that includes snacks to keep you on track.